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Multiple-use-of Space for Island Clean Autonomy

Project description

Combined RES systems to optimise space on small islands

MUSICA project has developed a replicable smart multi-usage of space (MUS) platform for the concurrent use of three types of renewable energy – wind, PV and wave – at small islands. This will also contribute to the advancement of a successfully tested multi-use platform (MUP) developed by a Greek state university and a private company. This will offer a one-stop decarbonising shop for the islands that includes on-site energy storage, modelling and forecasting, desalination, and so-called green services to support aquaculture. Small islands will now be able to take optimal advantage of limited space and staff while MUSICA will provide a full suite of solutions for ‘Blue Growth’ that are not cost-prohibitive.


The overall Aim of MUSICA is to accelerate the roadmap to commercialisation of its Multi-Use Platform (MUP) and Multi-use of Space (MUS) combination for the small island market, and de-risk for future operators and investors, by validation to TRL7 and providing real plans to move to mass market commercialisation. The MUSICA solution will be a decarbonising one-stop shop for small islands, including their marine initiatives (Blue Growth) and ecosystems.
The overall Aim of MUSICA will be achieved by developing a replicable smart MUP. MUSICA will advance the existing FP7 funded MUP concept developed by the University of the Aegean (UoAeg) and EcoWindWater (EWW), currently at TRL5, to TRL7. The EWW MUP was successfully trialled in Heraclea in 2010 for 2 years, funded by FP7 of €2.8M.
MUSICA will provide a full suite of Blue Growth solutions for small island:
• Three forms of renewable energy (RE) (wind, PV and wave) (total 870kW), providing high RES penetration and competitively affordable electricity. Three forms of RE provide non-correlated supply.
• Innovative energy storage systems on the MUP, provide all required storage for power on the island and platform, as well as electrical output smoothening (compressed water/air storage and batteries).
• Smart energy system for the island, including: demand response, modelling and forecasting based on high flexibility services from distributed generation.
• Desalinated water made by desalination unit on the MUP powered by RES providing 1000m3 fresh water for a water stressed island.
• The MUP will provide “green” support services for island’s aquaculture (pilot 200 tonnes production)
This project will demonstrate that the MUSICA MUP is a viable enabling infrastructure for multiple RES, desalination and BG aquaculture services for small islands, that can share the same space and work synergistically together, sharing supply chains. reducing operating and maintenance costs and solving increasing demand for space.

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