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Boosting Innovation in Organic FRUIT production through strong knowledge NETworks

Project description

Growing a network for EU organic fruit farmers

Organic farming is a fast-growing area in European agriculture, but increasing imports from outside the EU is making it tough to compete. Some organic fruit farmers are rising to the challenge and developing strategies to keep prices low. The problem is that the methods used, as well as the acquired knowledge, are known locally and rarely shared between EU growers. The EU-funded BIOFRUITNET project will create a network aimed at collecting and synthesising existing local and scientific techniques on improved organic fruit farming systems. The overall aim of the project is to make best practice knowledge widely available to EU farmers. The innovative platform will enhance EU competitiveness in organic farming.


The EU is the leading region for the production of organic fruits, with a rapidly expanding production and a demand for organic products which grows every year. However, at the same time, the amount and value of organic imports from outside the EU is increasing. For organic fruit farmers in the EU this poses a challenge to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. In addition, organic fruit growing is a very demanding farming activity. This is because, the sector faces specific problems that cannot be solved using conventional approaches based on the use of synthetics substances. As organic fruit growers cannot rely on synthetic inputs, many of them have, on a local level, developed competitive strategies to improve plant health. Moreover, there is considerable research on improving organic fruit growing systems. The problem, however, is that this knowledge is not easily accessible to farmers all over Europe and remains either locally known or only available in the scientific sphere.

The sector is in need of a network focused on organic fruit production that bridges the gap between science and practice and makes locally found solutions available to other fruit growers in Europe. Therefore, the specific objectives of BioFruitNet are: 1) Collect and synthesize existing knowledge ready for practise, 2) Create a stable European innovation network, 3) Strengthen established networks, 4) Widely distribute solutions, 5) Extend the Organic Farm Knowledge Platform. To achieve these objectives, we will first carry a thorough mapping exercise to find relevant networks at national level in partner countries and beyond (WP1). Then, compile all existing practical and scientific knowledge relevant to organic fruit farmers (WP2) and select the best practices (WP3). We will then focus on adapting and translating all best practices in an easy-to-understand format like practice abstracts (WP4) and disseminate the information through high impact channels (WP5).

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