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Prepolarized MRI at Earth Field to seek new contrasts linked to molecular events for very early detection of pathologies


Project DMP available

This first version of the DMP provides an analysis of the main elements of the data management policy that will be used by the members of the consortium with regard to the data generated through the life of the projectThe DMP will be released in compliance with the Horizon 2020 FAIR DMP template provided by the European Commission and updated in the end of the project

Project web site prototype and logo

The project logo is designed and the website is constructed and accessible (public), the project description is available for public access.

Report with a DNP reproducible enhance spectrum

This report describes the characterization of the frequency response of nitroxide contrast agents with the OMRI technique It gives optimal OMRI frequencies and concentration sensibilities

First kernel of earth/low field MRI prototype

MRI acquisition platform available at CNRS Bordeaux for small samples of size below 10cm with standard acquisition sequences and imaging capabilities.


Functionalized silica nanoplatform as a bimodal contrast agent for MRI and optical imaging

Auteurs: Sarah Garifo; Dimitri Stanicki; Sébastien Boutry; Lionel Larbanoix; Indiana Ternad; Robert N. Muller; Sophie Laurent
Publié dans: Nanoscale, 13 (39), 2021, 2021, Page(s) 16509–16524, ISSN 2040-3372
Éditeur: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC); RSC Pub
DOI: 10.1039/d1nr04972k

Enzymatic activity monitoring through dynamic nuclear polarization in Earth magnetic field

Auteurs: E. Parzy, D. Boudries, Samuel Jacoutot, Muriel Albalat, Nicolas Vanthuyne, J-M Franconi, P. Mellet, E.Thiaudiere, G. Audran, S.R.A. Marque, P.Massot
Publié dans: Journal of Magnetic Resonance, Volume 333, December 2021, 107095, 2021, ISSN 1090-7807
Éditeur: Academic Press
DOI: 10.1016/j.jmr.2021.107095