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Measurement and Analysis of Generator bearing Loads and Efficiency with Validation

Project description

Improved bearings for high-reliability machine operation

Bearings are highly engineered, precision-made components that enable electric machines (such as motors and generators) to move at high speeds and carry remarkable loads with high efficiency. The EU-funded MAGLEV project will build a demonstrator machine using new bearings that reduce generator misalignments and vibrations, enabling operation at higher power densities and efficiencies compared to existing solutions. If successful, MAGLEV’s cutting-edge methods promise to change the electrical machine scene and enhance EU’s competitiveness in the field.


The project (MAGLEV) objective is to make a significant contribution to the new class of bearing relief generators. This contribution will be developed by building a demonstrator machine. Technical methods will be developed to reduce misalignments and vibrations of the generator, enabling operation at higher power density and efficiency compared to the existing solutions.

MAGLEV will develop cutting edge IP, which could change the world of electrical machines completely if successful, and should be able to secure and enhance EU industries’ competiveness.

MAGLEV includes challenging tasks such as measuring shaft instantaneous position and bearing loadings accurately in dynamic operating conditions at high speed, developing a control technology to emulate the loads on the generator with a bearing relief system, the commissioning of the demonstrator machine, obtaining test data, and validating the simulation results with test data.

Close and efficient communication with the Topic Leader is one of the key success factors in MAGLEV.

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€ 556 030,00
KT11 1HY Cobham
United Kingdom

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 556 030,00

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