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Dominant cis-regulatory variation to improve quantitative traits in polyploid wheat

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High expression of the MADS-box gene <i>VRT2</i> increases the number of rudimentary basal spikelets in wheat

Author(s): Anna E Backhaus; Ashleigh Lister; Melissa Tomkins; Nikolai M Adamski; James Simmonds; Iain Macaulay; Richard J Morris; Wilfried Haerty; Cristobal Uauy
Published in: Plant Physiology, 1, 2022, ISSN 0032-0889
Publisher: American Society of Plant Biologists
DOI: 10.1093/plphys/kiac156

Ectopic expression of Triticum polonicum VRT-A2 underlies elongated glumes and grains in hexaploid wheat in a dosage-dependent manner.

Author(s): Nikolai M. Adamski; James Simmonds; Jemima Brinton; Anna E. Backhaus; Yi Chen; Mark A. Smedley; Sadiye Hayta; Tobin Florio; Pamela Crane; Peter Scott; Alice Pieri; Olyvia Hall; J. Elaine Barclay; Myles Clayton; John H. Doonan; Candida Nibau; Cristobal Uauy
Published in: Plant Cell, 1, 2021, ISSN 1040-4651
Publisher: American Society of Plant Biologists
DOI: 10.1093/plcell/koab119

The Triticum ispahanicum elongated glume locus P2 maps to chromosome 6A and is associated with the ectopic expression of SVP-A1

Author(s): Yi Chen, Yinqi Liu, Junli Zhang, Adam Torrance, Nobuyoshi Watanabe, Nikolai M. Adamski & Cristobal Uauy
Published in: Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 1, 2022, ISSN 0040-5752
Publisher: Springer Verlag
DOI: 10.1007/s00122-022-04114-y

MicroRNA-resistant alleles of HOMEOBOX DOMAIN-2 modify inflorescence branching and increase grain protein content of wheat

Author(s): Laura E Dixon, Marianna Pasquariello, Roshani Badgami, Kara A Levin, Gernot Poschet, Pei Qin Ng, Simon Orford, Noam Chayut, Nikolai M Adamski, Jemima Brinton, James Simmonds, Burkhard Steuernagel, Iain R Searle, Cristobal Uauy, Scott A Boden
Published in: Science Advances, 1, 2022, ISSN 2375-2548
Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abn5907

A scalable phenotyping approach for female floral organ development and senescence in the absence of pollination in wheat

Author(s): Marina Millan-Blanquez, Matthew Hartley, Nicholas Bird, Yann Manes, Cristobal Uauy, Scott Boden
Published in: bioRxiv, 1, 2022, ISSN 2692-8205
Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Lab Press
DOI: 10.1101/2022.04.01.486528