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A cloud-based big data analytics platform for air quality sensing using distributed sensors and an unparalleled AI-powered decision support system

Project description

Improving air quality with Big Data analytics

Air pollution is harmful to the environment and human health. According to the European Commission, poor air quality causes over 390 000 premature deaths every year. While air pollutants’ emissions have decreased substantially in Europe over the past decades, their concentrations are still too high. Instruments to measure, monitor, record and analyse the environment can help reduce exposure to air pollution. The EU-funded startup Breeze Technologies will develop a new cloud-based data-driven system to assess the effectiveness of interventions and provide actionable insights. It will link decentralised networks of internet-connected sensors – both indoor and outdoor – and process the data in real-time through an artificial intelligence-powered platform.


Both cities and corporations struggle to implement effective measures to adapt to the changing environment and to mitigate environmental pollution. State of the art air quality measurement systems that provide ‘actionable insights’, are lacking for both indoor and outdoor air pollution. There are no data-driven systems on the market that can intelligently assess the effectiveness of different interventions based on historic air quality data in a market worth an estimated €100bn by 2022.
Breeze Technologies has changed the status quo, by linking decentralized networks of distributed IoT sensors whose data is processed through our proprietary AI-powered platform. We are the only commercial indoor and outdoor air monitoring solution able to provide actionable recommendations based on AI-processed data accumulated from previous projects, which forms the core component of our intellectual property.
Today, our target market segments, cities and businesses, are able to measure air quality continuously if they can afford it, which they generally cannot. A single, state of the art, air quality monitoring station for outdoor air monitoring manufactured by a market leader like Horiba costs up to 500.000€ with another 250.000€ yearly needed for maintenance and operation. A Breeze air quality meter measuring the same indicators costs 599€ per year. Horiba and similar large enterprises represent the old guard for air quality monitoring. Breeze aims to lead the new guard: an emerging but inchoate market of real-time, intelligent air quality monitoring and decision-making systems.
The goal of this project is to interview decision makers at leading companies within our target verticals in order to optimize the designs for use in each target segment. We will develop an updated business plan with detailed go-to-market strategies per geographic region and target vertical.

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