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Auto-Producing TV Broadcasting System for Sport Events

Project description

Reducing live game cost

Broadcasting and recording live sports events require staff, equipment and installation on a budget that leaves smaller or new sports teams outside mainstream news. Added to this is the fact that the final product may not attract a large enough audience to justify the expense (up to EUR 30 000 for a single match). As younger generations prefer the use of social media and online methods to traditional TV broadcasts, Keemotion does away with these issues. Their on-site camera system allows both replay analysis and real-time streaming broadcasts on digital devices, providing home office staff, coaches, and fans with immediate access to game information without a time lag.


Sport event broadcast is too expensive: a single match costs €9,000-€30,000 and requires intensive equipment installation and manual operation in situ. Minority or emerging sports find tremendous difficulties to keep on stage and gain penetration (example: female sports are only 16-20%). Additionally, broadcasting infrastructure produces intrusion in the facilities and cannot be leveraged to be used for other purposes (i.e. replay analysis, coach tactics analysis, etc.) and capital expenditure of broadcasting rights in top-tier leagues and teams is increasing the breach with 2nd-tier and local teams.
As a result, there is a need to reduce the cost and infrastructure to broadcast a match, considering younger population preference is moving from TV to social media and online devices, most of the huge amount of data produced during a match is missed when there is no recording mean or can be only interpreted by human analysis
Keemotion is a hardware + software solution to produce live online broadcasts of basketball and other indoor matches with unmanned operation and minimum equipment, that is, affordable price for leagues, coaches and broadcasters.
It consists of a single device with 3 cameras + Artificial Intelligence for automated virtual camera; a virtual camera that simulates the movement of typical TV broadcasts with human operators; smart tagging feature to provide advanced analytics about the match and players’ performance; instant replay for referee assistance and real-time streaming broadcast for all digital devices (mobile, smart TV, computers) including integration with social media.
Our customers (leagues, coaches/teams and broadcasters) will benefit from:
- 80% savings Vs. conventional broadcasting
- A turnkey solution (zero setup effort)
- No transportation and no operators
For us, it will represent a SaaS model, recurring revenue from SW licenses, worldwide expansion (EU, USA & Japan first) and valuable IP assets: automated production technology

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