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pioneer technology for the reduction of natural fruit sugars in 100% juices

Project description

New desugarising juice technology

Natural sugars contained in fresh fruits and vegetables damage human health just as much as added sugars, according to recent research. The Better Juice technology proposes a low-cost method to eliminate natural sugars without affecting the taste and organoleptic properties of the product. The technology can be applied to existing production lines in the food and beverage industry with an estimated production cost of EUR 0.1 per litre of fruit/vegetable matrix. The EU-funded Better Juice project aims to design their industrial prototype after detailed market research to plan their certification procedure, business model and commercialisation strategy.


One of current challenges in Food and Beverage industry is linked with the need to reduce natural sugars. In fact, despite
initial enthusiasm for natural fruit juices, recent studies have demonstrated the natural sugars are as much harmful as added
sugars do. Thus, producers are focusing on the development of affordable and efficient technologies to deliver de-sugarized
products. However, to date no optimal industrial solution in this domain has been implemented. The BetterJuice technology
offers something that has not been reached yet by other companies. We reduce and even eliminate natural sugars from fruit
and vegetable matrix, without affecting the organoleptic skills of the product and even improving its taste. Calories reduction
is achieved to at least 50%. Moreover, we are able to offer a really healthy choice for consumers because beverages
produced with our technology are naturally enriched with bio-available and thus easily absorbable Calcium. The technology
does not require the modification of the existing production lines and its impact on the production costs has been assessed
at € 0,1 per 1 litre fruit/vegetable matrix. This low cost factor, along with the ascertained readiness of consumers to switch to
healthier hydration even if on higher price, offers the opportunity to producers to create novel product lines with appealing
claims and thus setting the price point that can significantly maximize their profit margins. The BetterJuice technology uses
disruptive bio-conversion approach delivered through enzymatic activity of food grade microorganisms. The technology is of
interest of some of world leading juice producers. Current project will enable us to collect users' requirements and thus to
properly engineer the industrial prototype of the device. Furthermore, a detailed market study will be done, so to verify and
validate the intended business model and commercialization strategy, as well as related certification path.

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