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Automated Preparation of Ultra-Precise Chemical Solutions.


There is a need in the lifesciences and industry to create very precise dilution concentrations of chemicals. In general, such dilutions are prepared manually by skilled technicians and scientists and this process of preparing dilution concentrations can consume many hours per week. Furthermore, as with many manual process requiring a high level of skill and concentration, the creation of dilution concentrations is prone to human error and it can be difficult to reliably determine the degree of such errors.
Laboratory instrumentation does exist, which may assist in the creation of such dilutions, however the level of precision and accuracy, which is achievable with existing commercial solutions, is somewhat limited. This limitation is primarily due to the fundamental constraints of the underlying methodology used, which is generally positive displacement. Current automated solutions generally employ pipetting robots, which have a precision, at best, in the region of 500nl. Many applications require a level of precision, accuracy and repeatability, which is well beyond the capabilities of existing pipette based methodologies. Often multiple dilutions are used to achieve the required dilution concentration, which can waste the original stock chemicals, in addition to valuable time.
PolyPico Technologies unique microdrop dispensing technology can dispense reagents with ultrahigh levels of precision and accuracy in the picolitlre volume range. To serve this unmet need PolyPico will offer a fully integrated automated system to prepare dilution concentrations for a broad range of applications. The instrument will incorporate PolyPico’s patented picolitre micro-drop dispensing technology.

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