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Improving the Quality of Life of Millions through the Revolutionary Approach in Dermal Regeneration Care


The combination of ageing populations, sedative lifestyle and unhealthy diet results in increase in such diseases as diabetes. One of the outcomes of diabetes is the occurrence of very severe and deep leg wounds. As diabetes distorts the body’s normal tissue regeneration processes, it often results in necrosis and amputations, which are still everyday practice even in developed countries. Everfill Oy is a university spin-off that has developed Everfill®, a patented allogeneic bioengineered product that will revolutionize the care of wounds. Everfill® uses extracted human bioactive growth factors that trigger the patient’s body to regenerate damaged tissues. This results in faster and more thorough healing. As Everfill® contains only human material and triggers the patient to regenerate own tissue, it is a superior product for dressings and wound gels. It is safe and well tolerated and has no side effects. Everfill® will enable curing currently incurable tissue defects and wounds, achieve massive savings in health care, and improve the quality of life for millions of people. Our estimate of its global revenue potential is over €350 million per year.
So far €0.7 million were invested into the scientific research conducted at the University of Tampere and related to Everfill® product. In order to launch the product commercialization phase, we are looking for €5 million funding for 2019-21, of which half from venture capital investors within the ongoing round A and another half from the SME Instrument. This funding will be used for gaining EU and US regulatory classification for the product, building up business process proof of concept to produce the product for clinical trials, and conducting the first phase of clinical trials in EU. Initial sales revenues from experimental patient care using the first batch of product will be generated during the project.
Our SME-1 feasibility study will have IPR, legal, commercial and operational feasibility dimensions.

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