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Cutting-edge insoles with advanced characteristics for medical and sports applications

Project description

A revolutionary solution for making the most of body motion analysis

Gait analysis is a key approach for the early detection of gait issues in patients with chronic diseases affecting normal walking, in individuals after injuries and surgery as well as in older adults. Moreover, it plays a significant role in athletic performance optimisation and injury prevention. Utilising its potential while addressing the drawbacks of systems available on the market, the EU-funded InsoFeet project is introducing a non-intrusive insole for accurately measuring key gait dynamics parameters and energy expenditure. InsoFeet aims to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, propose load management for safety optimisation as well as increase movement efficiency and precise body control.


Gait dynamics’ monitoring and Energy Expenditure (EE) calculation is of high importance for patients with chronic diseases affecting normal walking, for individuals after injuries & surgery, as well as for older adults, in order to early detect and correct gait problems or accelerate rehabilitation. The need extends to the multibillion industry of professional athletes for a) load management (injury prevention, performance optimisation), b) accelerated recovery from a lower limb injury, c) running efficiency optimization and precise body control.
Due to the significant drawbacks of market available systems (high price, difficult to use software, necessity to operate under expert supervision, intrusiveness), gait analysis is used less often than would actually be required. For patients & clinics, this has an impact on rehabilitation time & cost, as well as on the timely detection of certain medical conditions. For athletes, this has an impact on costs related to delayed rehabilitation, but also on increased cost for injuries that could have been avoided.
insofeet is a completely non-intrusive insole for measuring accurately key gait dynamics’ parameters and EE. The insofeet insoles are capable of fitting in different shoe types. The insofeet insole integrates highly accurate miniature force sensors in a customisable design, adaptable to the application. Sensor measurements are collected in real-time, processed through validated algorithms and presented through a friendly interface. What differentiates insofeet from the competition is its unparalleled accuracy, comparable to hi-end professional solutions at a price 15 times lower. An EU/WO patent application was submitted by CyRIC.
Our goal is to bring the insofeet solution to market, after preparing an elaborate business plan. According to our initial plan, within 5 years from insofeet commercialisation, revenues will reach an annual total of approximately 7.8 M and 25 new jobs for CyRIC will be created.

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