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multi-purpose waste reducer

Project description

A radical solution for on-board waste management

SANISTABILIZER was born from the idea of offering a simple machine with small dimensions, able to replace and unify all the machinery normally installed on board for waste treatment. The purpose of the machinery is to treat all types of waste continuously and automatically. SANISTABILIZER is a machine that can reduce the weight and volume of the waste introduced, removes moisture and stabilises them in order to avoid the microbiological growth of their content. The machine can perform 6 different cycles: paper/cardboard, glass, aluminum and metal cans/tins, plastic, food waste and unsorted waste. The performances and duration of cycles vary depend on the type of waste treated: the volume reduction can vary between 80 and 95 %. The SANISTABILIZER project is studying a device that proposes to offer a radical solution for on-board waste management. Their solution offers a considerable reduction of costs as reducing the weight and volume of waste and replacing machines normally installed onboard.


Ship waste management is a problem due to the on-board space restrictions. Especially regarding storage of the organic waste since there is a need of temperature control of the food waste storage room and necessary sanitation of certain foods as prescribed by Annex 13 of the MEPC 62/24 Resolution. Having to design a designated space just for the garbage storage on board has always been a pain for the ship designers who have to deal with functionality and efficiency of every square meter of the ship space. Along the years, the industry has tried to deal with this problem in several ways, but none have given a good solution, and many of them do not satisfy the strict IMO requirements
SANITRADE S.r.l. is an Italian SME that provides solutions to the confined space waste and waste water management problems. One of their products, SANISHREDDER has a potential to solve the address some problems on the ship waste management market, but it does not solve the automatization of the entire waste storage to be able to gain in space, energy savings, labour and decrease a health hazards. This is how they came up with SANISTABILIZER.
SANISTABILIZER is a product that incorporates shredding, dewatering, sanitation and transportation devices. SANISTABILIZER is a complex device that allows treatment of any kind of domestic waste produced on board, will the outcome product can be safely stored without temperature control, can be directly handled and disposed at the ships arrival to its destination. SANISTABILIZER main advantages are: no need of energy use for the mixed food and waste storage (70% reduction), reduction of the disposal costs (50%) due to weight (70%) and volume reduction (80-95%) and no risk of the dioxins combustion.
SANISTABILIZER’s commercialisation will enhance SANITRADE’s growth by increasing our turnover to €12 million by the fifth year with a ROI of 3.8.

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