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multi-purpose waste reducer

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SANISTABILIZER (multi-purpose waste reducer)

Reporting period: 2019-05-01 to 2019-08-31

We applied to the SME instrument to develop Sanistabilizer, a waste management solution that can reduce the weight and volume, as well as microbiologically stabilise all types of byproducts from the shipping industry and beyond. The marine industry badly needs to address upcoming regulatory changes which came as a result of the current ocean pollution crisis.
Sanistabilizer is a vast improvement on our existing Sanishredder device. By adding a pre-treatment phase, the duration of the cycle is greatly reduced. The process will be automated, reducing the number of staff required to manage waste on board a ship. It is a vast improvement on energy-intensive and polluting state-of-the-art solutions such as the incinerator, combining the functions of 6 separate machines into one.
Sanitrade has over 500 clients in the marine, hospital and transport business. They require a waste management solution that can cope with the large amounts of trash produced by cruise ships. So, we carried out a Feasibility Study split into technical, commercial and financial parts.
Our technical plan is made of 3 Work Packages, aimed at upgrading our existing prototype, testing it internally and externally and creating a marketable product. For these, we will hire 4 additional staff.
We studied the target market and competitors. The cruise ships market is a highly promising one, worth over €42 bn in 2019.
Sanistabilizer has full Freedom to Operate. Our strategy will be to sell our product to cruise ship, ferry and other gross tonnage ships producing large amounts of waste directly. We will use current clients, promotion by local partners, and digital/conventional marketing to reach new clients.
The project is highly profitable, with an ROI of 9.7 by 2026 for the €1.8 M required to bring our innovation to market. This will translate into total revenues of almost €42M per year by 2026, and accumulated profits of over €48M.
Sanistabilizer has the potential to become the go-to-tool for waste management in the marine industry and beyond. It will allow ship owners and operators to save over €2M per year in waste management costs. In addition, our innovation will have considerable environmental benefits, reducing the amount of waste in our oceans and that ends up in landfill. This will have significantly positive effects on the global population, through a reduction on wastes. Our long-term vision is to expand Sanistabilizer to the hospitals industry, municipal waste and beyond.