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DLIVER - Digital B2B marketplace for fast and efficient parcel delivery


For short-distance delivery of goods, only 40% of vehicle cargo capacity is used. The result is a staggering €68Bn in lost revenues for goods providers and goods transport companies annually. This is because most goods transportation companies still use basic spreadsheets that are unable to match in real-time the supply of vehicles with the demand for transport services. The negative impacts are two-fold: 1) high fuel-costs and subsequent high CO2 emissions for goods transport companies and; 2) high prices for deliveries for the sender. DLIVER is the World’s first digital B2B marketplace that matches supply of carrier vans’ capacity with demand for parcel delivery services – in a convenient, transparent and cost-efficient way. Thanks to our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms, DLIVER overcomes the known problems and has already been shown to increase the cargo capacity used by carrier vans significantly. It will disrupt the short-distance goods transport market by providing an effective, convenient and affordable solution. The aim of this project is to bring our DLIVER solution to European and international markets. Our current private Beta version is being used by +10 daily users in the Copenhagen metropolitan area, providing confirmation that our solution can increase the number of daily deliveries per driver by +12% and reduced fuel consumption by +10% per average daily turnover per vehicle. The objective of this Phase 1 project is to lay the foundation for scaling up our innovation to reach TRL9 and launch in Europe in 2021, build a profitable business and reduce the cost and carbon footprint of millions of deliveries. The business opportunity is significant. Our Total Addressable Market is €21.4Bn and will reach €27.1Bn by 2025. Through our scalable digital marketplace business model, we expect to capture a market share of 0.43% (of Serviceable Available Market), a turnover of €115.4M EBITDA of €95.7M and additional employment of 152 people by 2025.

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