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Commercializing the world’s leading platform for influencer-driven commerce

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - AIM (Commercializing the world’s leading platform for influencer-driven commerce)

Reporting period: 2019-06-01 to 2019-11-30

"We are currently in the biggest shift in advertising since its birth, going from ""push"" advertising where brands are pushing out ads to consumers to ""pull"" advertising where consumers choose what media to consume and hence what advertising to consume. This new reality needs infrastructure, which does not exist today.
APPRL was founded to fulfil the unmet need for an intelligent and data-driven influencer marketing platform. We do it by building a global, self-service marketplace between e-commerce brands and influencers driven by technology and data, to replace today’s abundance of local, low-tech influencer middlemen (such as influencer agencies). We believe the future of media is marketing via people, but today’s influencer marketing is too much like traditional advertising where brands are paying fixed prices for media space with low transparency, scalability and substandard tracking that is not able to measure ROI.
Working with external content partners and influencers is increasingly becoming a core competence for any online brand to be successful. APPRL’s platform offers e-commerce brands a powerful self-service performance based influencer marketing tool with a unique tracking solution that is able to track end-to-end sales through proprietary 1st hand data, enabling brands to calculate real ROI on their influencer marketing spend."
The feasibility assessment has been performed using desk research, analysis of the primary and secondary market data and customer interviews. Those key methods have allowed us to prepare the plan enabling us to reach our financial and commercialisation targets aligned with the overall business development strategy of the company. The analysis has provided valuable insights into current trends and opportunities on the market, activities undertaken by competitors and recent development results.
The feasibility study, including the feedback collected from exploitation and dissemination activities, confirmed that APPRL’s platform, especially with an added SaaS business model, demonstrates strong technical and commercial viability.
APPRL transforms the market. Our data and technology platform relies on artificial intelligence and converts information from inside the platform into actionable business intelligence and detailed insights that help online retailers, spanning from large multi-brand e-commerce companies to small but fast-growing direct-to-consumer brands (also known as mono-brands), to grow their sales and build brand awareness by driving traffic to their online stores as well as being able to keep track of and optimize all of their influencer marketing activities. Our subscription based self service SaaS platform allows brands to have full control over their influencer collaborations, compensation levels and payouts, traffic, and sales data insights and all content that’s been created featuring their brand and products. With our platform, we also aim to offer the best monetization tool for digital content creators and influencers.
APPRL - helping online brands and creators to grow through data and outstanding user experience
PPRL offers performance based influencer marketing for e-commerce brands