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Technology platform for telecom carriers to identify and predict mobile user behaviour by means of analytics and deep learning


Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are facing ever growing pressure from digital players such as Facebook, Google and Whatsapp who are eroding their ability to sell services beyond basic connectivity. CSPs are still operating based on traditional commercial models based on high level segmentation, generic marketing campaigns and lack of user knowledge. Revenues per customer have already declined by between 13-36% across the world and will further decrease if they don’t transform their existing business models into fully digital, automated and intelligent e-commerce machines that can serve their users like the other digital players. MNOs must look for additional sources of income and adapt their business models to remain competitive in their ecosystem flooded with competitors, most recently from over the top services. They need to shift their business activity towards a more customer focus rather than data pushing. Fortunately, carriers are sitting on a veritable gold mine. With large subscriber bases, the industry generates rich data on customer activity as a by-product of its daily business. Monetizing this underutilized asset could generate billions in revenue and render operators more competitive. DMAP is an enabling technology that transforms the telecom carriers’ product distribution by enabling them to hyper-personalize offers to users in real-time based on customers behaviour. The technology turns massive, unexploited data generated by users when ac cessing the internet over the carriers’ network into commercial exploitative data. The platform allows carriers to generate new revenue through greater “subscriber intelligence”. The telecommunications industry is expected to invest €6.4 billion in AI that automates revenue generation and sales. DMAP is a unique solution well position to exploit this large addressable market.

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