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Next generation water-smart management systems: large scale demonstrations for a circular economy and society

Project description

Mining water & resources from desalination brines, urban & industrial wastewater streams

Water security is among the most crucial challenges for water management today. As a consequence, innovative water management solutions and alternative water resources are required. The EU-funded WATER-MINING project will exhibit and validate innovative next-generation water resource solutions at the pre-commercial demonstration-scale in accordance with relevant legislation, such as the Water Framework Directive, Circular Economy and EU Green Deal packages. It will combine water management services with the improvement of renewable resources such as mining water. It is envisaged that the value-added end products will offer supplies of regional resources to increase economic growth. The project will examine different designs proposed for urban wastewater treatment and seawater desalination and innovative service-based business models aiming to improve the engagement of private and public stakeholders.


"This project aims to provide for real-world implementations of Water Framework Directive (and other water related legislation), as well as the Circular Economy and EU Green Deal packages by showcasing and validating innovative next generation water resource solutions at pre-commercial demonstration scale. These solutions combine WATER management services with the recovery of value added renewable resources extracted/MINED from alternative water resources (""WATER-MINING""). The project will integrate selected innovative technologies that have reached proof of concept levels under previous EU projects. The value-added end-products (water, platform chemicals, energy, nutrients, minerals) are expected to provide regional resource supplies to fuel economic developments within a growing demand for resource security. Different layouts for urban wastewater treatment and seawater desalination are proposed, to demonstrate the wider practical potential to replicate the philosophy of approach in widening circles of water and resource management schemes. Innovative service-based business models (such as chemical leasing) will be introduced to stimulate progressive forms of collaboration between public and private actors and access to private investments, as well as policy measures to make the proposed water solutions relevant and accessible for rolling out commercial projects in the future. The goal is to enable costs for the recovery of the resources to become distributed across the whole value chain in a fair way, promoting business incentives for investments from both suppliers and end-users along the value chain. The demonstration case studies are to be first implemented in five EU countries (NL, ES, CY, PT, IT) where prior successful technical and social steps have already been accomplished. The broader project consortium representation will be an enabler to transferring trans-disciplinary project know-how to the partner countries while motivating and inspiring relevant innovations throughout Europe."

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