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Next Generation Land Management services for Agriculture and Forestry


Co-design guidelines & user scenarios definition

Deliverable 21 will provide guidelines for codesigning the services with the Alpha Users Per user and per service the interaction approach will be described Deliverable 21 will also describe the different User Scenarios that will be defined in the first months of the project among others based on the outcome of the first webinar where the Minimum Value Product portfolio will be presented The document will be delivered at T02 and will serve as input for the first codesign workshop at T03

Capacity building report V1

This document will address all the capacity building activities including reports on the results of the webinars organization participants presentations QA Three updates of the document will be delivered first at T12 and updated at T24 and T34

User manual V1

This document is written to give assistant to the users when using the NextLand Web Portal platform The document will follow a how to by example step by step approach being very practical in the explanations to help addressing real use cases It will be implemented as an online manual To be first delivered at T12 and updated on T24 and T34

Advisory Board Terms of Reference

The AB Terms of Reference will detail the responsibilities and duties of the Advisory Board as well as administrative financial legal information deemed relevant meeting schedule locations travel arrangements financial compensations etc Will be delivered at milestone T01

Users review report V1

Deliverable 23 or the Users review report will describe the feedback received from the Users after integration and testing of the NextLand products and services Three updates of the report are foreseen linked with the yearly development cycle of the services A first version of the report will be delivered at T12 and will describe the feedback of the Alpha Users on the beta version of the services later updates at T24 and T34 will concern version 1 and final release of the provided services and will also include feedback of the Beta Users

Service integration guidelines

This document will provide development guidelines and describes how to integrate applications in the development environment it will include the handson field guides that explain the platform from the service developer perspective It will be delivered in T02

Ethics and gender equality requirements report

The report on the implementation of the ethics and gender equality requirements including progress on gender equality achieved by the project the procedures for treatment of private data that will be implemented for data collection storage protection retention and destruction and confirmation that they comply with national and EU legislation GDPR General Data Protection Regulation EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016679 and applicable national law The Ethics and gender equality requirement report will also include templates of the informed consent forms and information sheets Will be delivered at T01

Project management plan

Project Management Plan This document defines the coordination and management structure as well as the responsibilities and decision taking mechanisms for the project It will also contain the Master Schedule configuration management plan risk management plan and description of the monitoring and controlling mechanisms and procedures Will be delivered at milestone T01

Communication, dissemination and engagement report V1

This document will address all the communication and dissemination activities including the assessment definition and implementation activities with external servicesThree updates of the document will be delivered first at T12 and updated at T24 and T34

Advisory board recommendation report V1

This document will contain all the outputs coming out of the Advisory Board Meetings including a critical review of the project progress and recommendations for the following year Will be first delivered at T07 and updated at T13 and T25

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) datasets

This document will provide a portfolio of examples of output of each service to be present for Alpha Users at a workshop at T04 to kick off the actual service codesign During this workshop these datasets will drive the specific goals of the services and the requirements for the beta release It will be delivered in T03

Project website and social network package

A project website will be set up and NextLand social media accounts will be created at the start of the project Delivery is foreseen at T04

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Copernicus assisted services for forest management

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NextLand Forest fire detection

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NextLand Forest Classification Service for Forest Inventories

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Sentinel-2 Based Service for Identify and Map Wildfire Events

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