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Advanced manufacturing solutions tightly aligned with business needs


Eco-industrial requirement

The requirements regarding the efficient use of energy and materials, the waste reduction and the ecological site planning will be defined. The data will be recorded so that they could be continuously monitored and updated. The activities will also originate data for Life Cycle Analysis.

State of the art technology monitoring and link to other EU projects

Address the state oftheart technology monitoring aiming at determining the novel manufacturing technologies and their environmental footprint that can be applied in the project based on the technical field of expertise of each partner Knowledge acquired in previous projects funded by EU will be also utilizedUpdata M 32

Creating business-led technology road maps

Generate roadmaps focused to capture the technologys value of the great transformation and disruption taking place in urban mobility Explore business opportunities the commercialization of systems for the manufacturing of complex 3D components and systemsUpdate M36

Business Models

oFocusing relentlessly on capturing the strategic value from technology oPreparing companies and in particular the SMEs to recognize new opportunities and build inhouse capabilities to deliver technologiesoDeveloping businessled technology road maps oExplore Blockchain approaches as a novel and emerging forms to help the funding of SMEs to capture their full potentialityUpdate M 36

Dissemination strategy

Plan, coordinate and execute dissemination activities to the scientific and industrial communities to ensure a visible impact of AVANGARD both at the EU and international level. - Dissemination material: - Community building: - Events participation.

Implementation of the AVANGARD cloudbased platform

Develop and deliver a cloud-based platform capable of: • Integrate and interoperate the different hardware and software inside the factory; • Allow the pluggability of new stations during the execution without requiring control effort; • Optimise the utilisation of the stations and materials inside the factory; • Coordinate and interact with the different suppliers to automatically trigger and optimize the request of material.

Process certification

Apply existing standards or define new standards to certify welding and properties of complex shaped 3D components of metallic polymeric and hybrid metallicpolymeric materialsUpdate M36

Project guidelines

The project quality will be based on a set of rules defined in the guidelines.

Simulation of Cloud based AVANGARD Ind 4.0 pilot

The cloud enabled operations will be applied on the Microfactory test bed pilot to evaluate the planning optimization and the operation features of the infrastructureProvide cloudbased workflows for enterprises from design CAD tools templates and customizer to CAM verification online pricing and integrated order tracking for production automation

I-CAR demonstrator including test certification

Two vehicle architectures will be demonstrated that can be manufactured with minimal variations in the production line The ability of personalization and fast and flexible manufacturing with minimal changes in the production line will be evaluated The vehicles will be homologated to operate on EU roadsUpdate M36 DEM

I-BIKE demonstrator including test certification

Demonstrate IBike prototypes manufactured integrating advanced sensing capabilities addressing the highest level of safety interactivity ergonomics and efficiency Demonstrate the Ibike performance by applying the current most demanding test certificates on safetyUpdate M36 DEM

Establishing a collaborative manufacturing environment amongst EU regions

Support the establishment of similar microfactories in different EU regions considering differences in national environmental legislation. The idea is that regional productions through microfactories and the application of blockchain technologies are key routes to overcome or at least mitigate the actions of companies supported by the planned economies. Update: M36

Definition of the cloud-based cyber-physical production system architecture

Define the system architecture considering: • The abstraction and logical representation of the entire shop-floor (Stations, operators, products, etc); • The abstraction and logical representation of the whole value chain (suppliers, micro-factories, customers, etc.); • The services required to interoperate all the actors that will interact with the platform; • The necessary services to optimise and coordinate the execution of the different micro-factories, suppliers and customers requirements; • The information that is required to store and, all the services and databases needed to store and analyse that data.

AVANGARD cloud-based platform prototype

The objective is to demonstrate a cloud-based cyber-physical production system for the Avangard pilot.

Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan (DMP) set up according to the special needs of the project, and will act as monitoring system to keep track of IP issues and open research data for the H2020 pilot.

Update of data management plan

The update will be done based on the DMP of M12 giving an overview of the project outcome regarding all data open restricted and the justification for the choice


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