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FleXible user-CEntric Energy poSitive houseS


Design principles and test result of multisource heat pumps with high COP DHW

Report about design principle of internal component (evaporator and condenser heat exchangers) to accommodate re1uiremnets of deep BHE integration, description of the IoT control development of HP, cloud-based service, remote maintenance and fault detection including its benefits and operating mechanisms of high domestic hot water COP system. Tests results will be also included.

Dissemination & Communication Plan

Guidance to all dissemination and outreach activities including the following main elements: • Main target groups • Key messages for each target group • Tactics e.g. corporate identity, promotional tools and main dissemination channels to be exploited • Timeline • Partners roles and responsibilities The plan will be reviewed and updated after the completion of half of EXCESS in M24.

Identification of regulatory and market incentives and barriers

Local regulatory and techno-socio-economic preconditions in the involved countries and how they boost a consumed centred clean energy transition will be described giving solid legislative grounds to the project.

Report on making PEB examples

This deliverable will contain a description of the most relevant measures, actions and concepts, identified as successful by the pool of local and regional authorities consulted in the survey conducted. The outcome of the deliverable will serve as a proposal to be integrated in the local and regional planning instruments.

Stocktaking of PEB examples

This report will include 10 identified and analysed case studies . VITO and CEN will examine technical and technological solutions. ICLEI and other partners will focus on the initiation context, financial schemes, costs of energy & buildings solutions, social, indoor, environment, aesthetic and regulatory framework and implementation steps will be included. In particular the focus will be on the identification of barriers and opportunities.

Additional source of thermal & electrical flexibility in district heating substations

This deliverable will describe how extra flexibility will be added to a substation for a district heating network with sanitary hot water storage. The storage can also be loaded via the electrical grid, leading towards a flexible system for both the district heating network and the grid.

PEB as enabler for consumer centered clean energy transition: shared definition and concept

Local and European regulatory framework preconditions, investigating how PEBs are positioned in the city energy infrastructure and how they boost a consumed centred clean energy transition will be described giving solid legislative grounds to the project.

Design principles and test result of deep borehole collector

Report about design principle of deep drilling solutions and borehole collector technology, including thermo-mechanical characterisation (ring stiffness, E modulus, tensile strength) of the BHE material and thermo-fluid dynamic characterization (heat transfer properties of the collector along its vertical development Tests results will be also included.

Promotional material (project design, brochure, standard ppt, business cards)

The corporate identity will include a logo, web-design, branding guidelines, a Word and PPT template. A suite of promotional materials will be produced by a professional designer respect different forms of usage (offline and online) and differentiates the main target groups as needed. The promotional materials include: brochure (project overview), infographics, standard ppt and business cards.

Performance evaluation handbook of PEB solutions

Defined and detailed KPIs to evaluate the performance and the real impact of PEB solutions, including evaluation/metrics (evaluation criteria and variables needed to calculate them) for each demonstration site. Draft in M10 including first version of KPIs.First Amendment: Due to the delays at the demo sites, also this deliverable will end 6 months later. D 16 will be submitted in Month 42.

Design principles, ICT architecture and hardware selections of the integrated controller

This deliverable will comprise the design principles and the ICT architecture of the Integrated controler. Moreover, the study will cover the design and selection of the hardware that will make up the integrated controller of the PV generation, storage systems and grid connection. First amendment: Validation testing were planned to be performed during September 2020 at CENER's microgrid, but they were not possible to start before mid-November 2020 due to technical problems that raised during the regular maintenance activities. Therefore, an extension of the duration of this task until the end of February 2021 will be requested, and included in the 1st Contract Amendment, in order to complete it satisfactorily.

EXCESS ICT Architecture Blueprint

The deliverable consists in the detailed design of the conceptual architecture and specifications of the ICT components of the EXCESS project (functional components, interoperability aspects, internal and external interfaces, technical specifications and non-functional specifications).

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