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Euraxess Georgia Network Startup

Project description

Georgia gets its own EURAXESS network

Georgia is joining a pan-European network established by the European Commission to serve mobile and non-mobile researchers by supporting research mobility, career development and international scientific cooperation. The EU-funded EuGeNeS project is establishing the country’s first EURAXESS service centre at the Georgian bridgehead organisation (BHO). They will develop a fully operational Georgian national EURAXESS website integrated with the European EURAXESS portal. It will also raise awareness and promote the network and the portal. Overall, the project will seek to implement and institutionalise good practices of information and service delivery to the non-mobile network. The project will also aim to ensure the viability of the Georgian national EURAXESS organisation after the completion of the project in September 2022.


Net EU contribution
€ 200 000,00
Aleksidze 1
0193 Tbilisi

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Activity type
Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)
Other funding
€ 0,00