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PREParE SHIPS - PREdicted Positioning based on Egnss for SHIPS


Report on Communication Sub-system Requirements

Explicit requirements on the communications subsystem.

Dissemination Plan

This deliverable will explain in detail the annual planned dissemination activities.

Report on Ship Application Use Cases and Application Scenarios

Detailed description of overall ship use cases and scenarios.

Report on Use case functional safety analysis

Initial analysis on the application from a functional safety perspective, result component level requirements.

Communication Plan

This deliverable will explain in detail annual planned communication activities.

Project website

Project website providing external communication and facilitating internal communication.


“PREParE SHIPS” for Automated Ship Passages by Modern Decision Support Tools by Exchanging Future Positions

Author(s): J Hüffmeier, L Sanchez-Heres, R Rylander, S Nord, S Alissa, A Bagge, P Bergljung, P Henkel, A Rydlinger and P Hansen
Published in: ICMASS Conference, IOP Conference series: Material Science and Engineering (MSE), 2020
Publisher: IOP Science