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Future Migration Scenarios for Europe


Report on available datasets and project results

This report will summarise the results of taels 2.2 to 2.4 for the public.

Set of policy recommendations

Report on policy recommendations for stakeholders, including policy briefs. The initial version of this deliverable is due in M12, and will be continuously updated until the end of the project.

Report on drivers of international migration

This deliverable will focus on the assessment of existing knowledge on migration motives and potentials from different sources (i.e. UN, OECD, World Bank, Gallup, IOM, etc.), as well as on quantitative analyses of time trends of international migration and existing survey data regarding the relationship between international migration and its key determinants. Attention will be paid, among others, to the role of existing livelihood opportunities (e.g. inequalities, income levels, job opportunities, traditional gender roles) in countries of origin, transnational networks, EU policies to govern migration flows, and labour markets and ageing populations in destination countries.

Population dataset

For four European countries (Denmark, Poland, Netherlands and Italy) the same set of data shall be collected on a NUTS 2 level. These subnational data will serve as direct input to the regional migration scenarios developed in WP4. For both national and NUTS 2 level datasets, particular efforts will be placed on constructing datasets for time periods covering –if possible –the years 1990 to 2018. Data will be harmonized using the model described in Wisniowski et al. (2016).

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