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Urban PoLicy Innovation to address inequality with and for Future generaTions


Action plans on the co-creation process

Created parallel with the establishment of the institutional framework in the four sites, they provide methodological guidance and a schedule for the co-creation process.

Atlas of inequalities in Europe

This easily searchable atlas displays the results of data analysis in an accessible manner. It also provides direct input to D2.6 on inequalities on national and regional scale.

Dissemination, exploitation and communication plan, to be updated at M12, 24, 36

The deliverable will outline a strategy to maintain the results of UPLIFT and to further disseminate its results

Framework study on socio-economic inequalities in Europe

Based on Tasks 1.1-1.3, the study provides a complex picture on inequality in Europe and serves as a reference point for the other work packages. It links the scale and dimensions of inequality with the main drivers on member state and regional level.

Report on website and social media

The website will provide project information, including aims and methodology and will further be developed into Digital Information Platform. The deliverable will summarize the structure of the website and the steps to set up the Digital Information Platform.

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