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Making innovation a consistent, reliable and strategic resource for governments


6 Webinars (year 1)

A set of 6 webinars to test components modules of innovation curricula with international practitioners.

1 conference end of year 1

1 conference end of year 1

2 Meetings of the International Advisory Group (year 1)

Two meetings of the international expert advisory group. These meetings will perform a comparative review of the innovation facets model and workshops. Advisory group of international experts meeting twice a year to review results and discuss challenges related to the implementation of the portfolio assessment tool.

1 Special double issue n 4 -5 of OPSI Newsletter on project achievement, activities and impact

Special issues cover highlights on OPSI work on H2020. This is a double issue (covering July-Aug and Sept-Oct)

1 Practice-led sense making activity/workshop

Conduct one practice-led sense-making activities for the portfolio assessment tool. This activity is a first of a series of workshops in different countries to test the innovation assessment tool in a range of real-life contexts. The workshops will be hosted by member countries and organised by OPSI in collaboration with expert organisations such as the Danish Design Center and the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) at the University College London. They will involve participation of peers from OECD-EU member countries.

1 Dedicated project space for H2020 projects on OPSI platform

Dedicated project pages for H2020 projects on the OPSI website, which overviews the projects, highlights the artefacts created in relation to them, and collates communication material associated with them

1 Curated Section of the Toolkit Navigator

Curation of one section of the Toolkit Navigator (design, behavioural insights, etc.), based on the innovation facets model.

1 completed user review for at least 30 Toolkits

One user review of at least 30 toolkits (user generated) based on the innovation facets model

1 Peer-led online communities on facets dimensions

Create a peer-led community to exchange around public sector innovation implementation challenges, based on the four dimensions of the facets model. This deliverables will focus on structuring and organising each expert community composed by government officials and facet experts; develop online tolls for exchange and a thematic space in the OPSI platform.

A plan for strategic dissemination and communication

The plan provides an integrated and detailed outline of objective, actions and tools used to disseminate and communicate on the project, as well as coordination measures to involve stakeholders and increase visibility at the international level

1 Guide on How to use the Toolkit Navigator

One guide on how to use guide of the Toolkit Navigator

Portfolio Assessment Tool

This consists of developing an online and offline diagnostic tool that can be used in an expert-led context to ascertain and evaluate innovation portfolios and the strategies connected to each facet.

6 thought leadership articles (year 1)

Digital content production of 6 thought leadership pieces/ opinion pieces/ interviews and webinars to explore the ideas underpinning H2020 and associated ad hoc content marketing campaign

1 Train the trainer Guidebook on facet model workshop

A train-the-trainer guidebook on how to self-organise and run a workshop on the innovation facets model and deliver on systemic change.

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