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METROFOOD-RI Preparatory Phase Project


Dissemination material

Deliverable including the collection of all the digital and printed material to be used in all dissemination and communication activities will be developed specifically for METROFOOD-PP, as well as for the whole METROFOOD-RI updateding the one already realised (e.g.: project standardised presentation; posters, depending on the targeted audience posters to be used in relevant events, info-graphics, promotional flyer and a brochure). These will be made available for download from the project website or social media and will be available in printed form for distribution at relevant events.

Official video on METROFOOD-RI

Video for communicating METROFOOD-RI, presenting how METROFOOD-RI will look like, what achievements will be obtained in the future and the opportunities offered to the different user categoris. It will be made available via the Infrastructure website, as well as from the social media that will be used by the project.


A website specifically dedicated to the PP project will be realised, thus constituting the core internal and external communication tool of the project, containing the overall project objectives, activities, results, related events and partnership. It will be integrated with the website of the whole METROFOOD-RI as dedicated section. A first version of the website will be up and running by month 4.

1st IMG meeting minutes

Report including the minutes of the first meeting between the Coordinator (ENEA) and the EU-InterMinisterial group, permitting to develop strategies and identify priorities in close connection with the potential funding agencies and government representatives.

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Open access to METROFOOD-RI services

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