CORDIS - EU research results

Industrial scale PET chemical recycling via an innovative glycolysis process


Product profile report

The present deliverable contains information concerning the issued quality control protocols QC operational instruction and methodology in order to assess the industrial production line performance and avoid any machine stop that would affect seriously the productivity of the whole plant also including evaluation of their robustness in terms of repeatability and reproducibility

Permit Application Package

The present deliverable will clarify the most relevant aspects concerning environmental regulations, and legal compliance, necessary to operate the new ChemPET pilot plant as well as local authorization procedures and population acceptance.

Dissemination materials, newsletters, press release, social media

The present document collects the dissemination materials issued during the ChemPET action including newspaper pressreleases paper materials posters leaflet brochure gadget etc as well as other materials These will be useful to foster the acknowledgement of ChemPET benefit and impacts for users and society as a whole

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