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Beyond 5G multi-tenant private networks integrating Cellular, WiFi, and LiFi, Powered by ARtificial Intelligence and Intent Based PolicY


Data management plan

D1.2 contains the status and strategy of the project in regard to the data management and GDPR and will evolve during the lifetime of the project. Special emphasis will be provided in publishing Open Access (OA).

Initial design of the SDN/NFV platform and identification of target 5G-CLARITY ML algorithms

D4.1 will set the basis of the interfaces between the SDN/NFV platform developed in T4.1 and the 5G service platform considered in T4.2, as well as the AI engine developed in T4.3. D4.1 will also discuss how the various wireless access technologies, i.e. 5G, Wi-Fi, and LiFi, will be managed by the SDN/NFV platform. In addition, this deliverable will review the state of the art on ML algorithms applied to wireless access networks and will identify the key problem areas where 5G-CLARITY will focus the design of the ML algorithms.

Use-case specifications and requirements

This deliverable reports the use cases taken as reference for the project, and that will guide the design, development, and demonstration activities conducted in the project. D2.1 will provide design specification of selected use cases and derive their functional and technical requirements.

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