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SELENE: Self-monitored Dependable platform for High-Performance Safety-Critical Systems


Initial software setup guide

Preliminary hypervisor and RTOS user manual (T3.1 - T3.5).

Use case descriptions and requirements

Description of the space, robotics and railway use cases, and their requirements on the SELENE platform (T1.3).

Dissemination & Exploitation report for PPR1, plans for PPR2

The initial dissemination plan reports on the dissemination activities undertaken in the first reporting period, and provides detailed plan for the rest of the project for both dissemination and exploitation including result from T5.4.

Website, flyer, initial dissemination and exploitation plan

Communication and dissemination materials targeting a variety of stakeholders, as well as the project website, and a plan for early dissemination and exploitation.

Preliminary SELENE System-on-chip description and configuration guide

First version of the FPGA board user manual (T2.1 - T2.6).

SELENE platform requirements and use constraints

Report collecting hardware and software SELENE platform requirements and use constraints (T1.1-T1.2).

FPGA platform definition

Specification of the characteristics needed by the SoC in the FPGA board to use, FPGA board choice, and fault mitigation measures needed for space environments (T1.4).

Preliminary software architecture Initial software enabling on target platform

Technical solutions description, and source code and configurations of hypervisor and Linux (T3.1 - T3.5).

Preliminary software architecture

Initial software solutions architecture and Hypervisor and Linux/RTOS setup (T3.1 - T3.5)..

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SELENE: Self-Monitored Dependable Platform for High-Performance Safety-Critical Systems

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SafeDE: a flexible Diversity Enforcement hardware module for light-lockstepping

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SafeTI: a Hardware Traffic Injector for MPSoC Functional and Timing Validation

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HP-DCFNoC: High Performance Distributed Dynamic TDM Scheduler Based on DCFNoC Theory

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