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A Data Platform for the Cognitive Ports of the Future

Resultado final

Blockchain design specification M09

This deliverable will provide the all the functional analysis performed to define the blockchain technology that best fits the project necessities, and all the technical characteristics of the necessary components and connections to integrate this technology in the platform M09, M24

Report of dissemination ad communication results M12

This document will describe the dissemination and communication activities carried out in the corresponding period, will monitor the KPIs achieved, and the adoption of potential correction measures M12, M24, M36

Report of clustering activities and scaling-up M12

This report will collect all activities carried out in the scope of T6.3 and T6.4, involving community building, initiatives contacted and engaged and level of adoption of the platform by other actors M12, M24, M36

Industrial Data Platforms and seaport community requirements and challenges

This deliverable will be a report describing the state of the art in related technologies and the benchmarking of existing data platforms related to the use case providers, together with an evaluation of requirements and challenges of the port community in general and the proposed pilots in particular

Integration, software quality assurance and deployment plan

This deliverable will document the plan of activities and milestones for integration, quality assurance and testing activities regarding the industrial pilots. It will include technical, operational and organizational aspects

Report of impact and outreach results M12

Annual reports of the outreach results and the impact of DataPorts. This document will review the achieved KPIs and will define potential correction measures M12, M24, M36

Evaluation plan

This deliverable will describe the overall strategy that will be used to guide the evaluation of the demonstration pilots and use cases. It will include, among others, the scope of the evaluation, evaluation objectives and questions, data sources and data collection methods, data analysis strategy, timelines and reporting dates, and roles and responsibilities

Data access interfaces

This deliverable will include the set of interfaces to provide a homogeneous set of access tools, and the adaptation needed to deal with logistics and freight transport sector and to be used in the use cases and pilots

Data processing services M18

This deliverable will involve the services offered by the platform in the different steps of the data value chain. It includes the abstraction and virtualization of the collected data, and data semantic interoperability M18, M27

Permissioned Blockchain network M18

This deliverable will implement the permissioned blockchain infrastructure that will define data models, authentication and authorization mechanisms, and that will integrate with the rest of components of the platform M18, M27

Data analytics services and cognitive applications M18

This deliverable will provide Big Data Analytics as a Service (BDAaaS) to the users of the data platform. Additionally, it will also include, built on top of these services, the needed algorithms to allow the development of cognitive applications M18, M27


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