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Intelligent, Interoperable, Integrative and deployable open source MARKETplace with trusted and secure software tools for incentivising the industry data economy

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - i3-MARKET (Intelligent, Interoperable, Integrative and deployable open source MARKETplace with trusted and secure software tools for incentivising the industry data economy)

Reporting period: 2020-01-01 to 2021-06-30

The i3-MARKET project addresses the growing demand for integrating a single European Data Market Economy by innovating data marketplace platforms, demonstrating with industrial implementations that the data economy growth is possible. i3-MARKET provides technologies for trustworthy (secure and reliable), data-driven collaboration and federation of existing and new future marketplace platforms, special attention on industrial data and particularly on sensitive commercial data assets from both SMEs to large industrial corporations is taken.

The main objective of the i3-MARKET project is to overcome technological barriers by developing the lacking building blocks (in the form of a software framework called i3-MARKET backplane) for data providers and consumers, and thus incentivise and enable the creation of a more trusted European data market economy. i3-MARKET addresses the interoperability and integration challenge for supporting trading data assets across independent stakeholders by means of enabling secured transactions based on data annotation (semantics) as well as a trusted data trading platform and providing a network of decentralised and Economy-driven and Scalable Data Repositories that can be extensible for enabling the deployment of Intelligent industrial Data Services fostering innovation and business opportunities.

The i3-MARKET backplane is a reference architecture that by design empowers industry solutions by integrating building blocks using the Open API standard approach. As depicted in Figure 1 (The i3-MARKET approach) we integrate marketplaces into a trusted, interoperable and decentralised data cloud infrastructure to enable secure and privacy preserving data sharing across data spaces and marketplaces. The i3-MARKET brings the concept of Data as a Service (DaaS) into reality by enabling accessing large datasets by using an intelligent virtualised marketplace infrastructure. Developers and systems integrators are therefore able to learn once the DaaS APIs are deployed and access data and resources from any of the federated marketplaces. To this end, the underlying interconnected backplane provides common standardised semantics and interfaces (i.e.i3-MARKET SDK and i3-MARKET APIs), which enables the i3-MARKET DaaS infrastructure to access their data, resources and other data management capabilities).

The i3-MARKET best practices will be disseminated as widely as possible, as part of the Open Source project’s efforts to achieve EU-wide/global outreach. The engagement of researchers and developers in the use of the i3-MARKET DaaS framework will be another vehicle for the sustainability and wider use of the project’s results.
The i3-MARKET WP2 involved partners made an exhaustive analysis of requirements from the various stakeholders and produced the main technical classification of requirements. The project made an analysis about agile methodologies and Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) and also described common services and specified the subsystems and artefacts that are possible to use in Data Marketplace to incentivise data economy. The most important result of this work package was the design of a reference architecture that drives the specification and implementation of its components, APIs and their Development Tools, in terms of both the i3-MARKET backplane and the i3-MARKET metadata services.

In WP3 a set of building blocks for enabling the desired levels of trust, security and privacy for federated data markets were developed. In line with the project's agile development approach, WP3 generate a first release of the individual building blocks for the design specification and for the first implementations, which were used and integrated in WP4 to build a decentralised backplane for federating different data spaces and marketplaces.
Self-sovereign identity management have been developed and they are part of the set of privacy tools that are used in i3-MARKET for privacy and trust and federation.

In WP4 designed and implemented the tools related to data support in the i3-MARKET Backplane, including an open Application Programming Interface (API) that allows data marketplaces and data spaces to integrate. It will be operated in a decentralised manner on at least 3 instances in the cloud. The participating data spaces and marketplaces, who have a stake in the federation, will collectively run the i3-MARKET Backplane.

In WP5 the methodologies and mechanisms to demonstrate the suitability and functionality of the i3-MARKET core system through exemplary use cases called industrial pilots were designed, one in relation to Personal Data and described as Smart Environment based on wellbeing continuous monitoring (but not tracking) system and End-User Support and Identification, a second one in relation to Industrial IoT Data where Operational machine data and operator data is to ensure the sub-services like insurance, leasing company and/or supplier contracts are the best according to the provided data, and a third in relation to the Automotive Data where vehicle data can be related with data from the surrounding environment to support fleet management and insurance services.

WP6 worked on ensuring that the projects results are impactful, that key communities are engaged, and the project innovations are successfully exploited and marketed. WP6 provided the means for analysis of the legal framework applicable to data markets and data economy at European level, including policy recommendations. WP6 also disseminated, shared, exchanged and communicated to relevant communities how to use and understand the project results and associated knowledge. WP6 established the engagement with key stakeholders: like developer communities, SMEs, large companies/industries, policy makers and R&I community. Managed the collective impact of the consortium throughout the course of the project by identifying and managing individual and collective opportunities of exploitation of project results by partners.

The main activity of WP7 (Ethics) was the organisation of activities to address all the related requirements identified as pre-grant and post grant agreement requirements. The series of ethical requirements addressed involved the definition of Ethics Board and DPOs for each for the industrial pilots. The series of templates and forms that were completed and organised for project related ethics activities alike the success in submitting all of them and the approval for their inclusion in the project activities reflects al the work done during this first period.
The i3-MARKET project will leverage the European data economy and impact the data marketplace sector by providing solutions using state of the art technologies,
i3-MARKET Project empowers Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) paradigm for sharing and trading data in a secure manner.

The i3-MARKET project is a solutions the state of the art providing tools for integrating data marketplaces, platforms, and associated silo applications.

i3-MARKET brings Data as a Service close to users by means of Backplane and Federation APIs.

The i3-MARKET infrastructure will enable to use DaaS API (i.e. i3-MARKET SDK or i3-MARKET APIs) for executing experiments over multiple federated data marketplaces.

i3-MARKET project targets to develop the missing link between Data Marketplaces, building a trusted, interoperable and decentralised European data marketplace backplane.
Figure 1 - The i3-MARKET approach