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European Self Sovereign Identity Framework Laboratory

Project description

Innovation for safe and reliable internet transactions

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) supports identity management in a safe and reliable internet allowing secure transactions and eliminating logins. SSI aims to empower EU organisations to make secure and innovate transactions with stakeholders saving billions of euro on administrative expenses. SSI integration will also generate new jobs and business opportunities. However, even though SSI solutions have expanded worldwide, the vast majority target specific problems in specific fields and rarely interoperate. The EU-funded eSSIF-Lab project is an innovation project aiming to reinforce internet reliability with electronic identities through the development and adoption of SSI technologies. The end goal is to advance the broad uptake of SSI as a next-generation open and trusted digital identity solution.


Self-sovereign identity (SSI) promises to empower European citizens with new means to manage privacy, to eliminate logins, and to enjoy much faster and safer electronic transactions via the internet as well as in real life. SSI promises to empower European organisations to speed up, secure and automate transactions with customers, suppliers and partners, resulting in tens of billions of euros savings annually on administrative costs in Europe. SSI promises to drive a new business ecosystem with thousands of new jobs, new job categories and new business opportunities for existing and new European companies.
SSI is not a self-fulfilling promise. While so-called SSI ‘solutions’ are popping up all over the world, the vast majority has a local scope, i.e. they solve a problem in a specific domain, they do not scale (at every level they need to, e.g. at the technical, process, information and business levels), and scarcely interoperate. Addressing these issues is a top priority for the eSSIF-Lab project.
eSSIF-Lab (European Self-Sovereign Identity Framework Laboratory) is a lab-to-market project for ICT-24 subtopic 1-b “strengthening internet trustworthiness with electronic identities”, that facilitates the further development, integration and adoption of SSI technologies through a cascade funding approach targeting innovative companies developing SSI based solutions. eSSIF-Lab is championed by leading experts in SSI technologies, cascade funding, business acceleration and continuous deployment of open-source software. eSSIF-Lab will award up to 65 subgrants in 2 types of open calls, 1 targeting technical enhancements and extensions of the SSI framework (up to 23, for SMEs, startups, self-employed individuals, mid-caps, large companies, non-for profit-entities, research organisations, academic innovators, and innovators from larger organisations), and 2 targeting SSI business and social innovations and applications (up to 42, for SMEs and startups). 1 additional extra call of the business-oriented project type (a call to complete the Framework) will be launched, if the number of selected companies is lower than expected and required funding and resources for additional support are available after the scheduled open calls (up to 4, for SMEs, non-for-profit and research entities). The project will provide business and technical support to integrate SSI technology with market propositions, and to accelerate SSI-related businesses and social applications. The outreach though the open calls and the prominent position in the emerging SSI community will enable the eSSIF-Lab consortium to advance the broad uptake of SSI as a next generation open and trusted digital identity solution.

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