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Expanding our knowledge on Citizen Science through analytics and analysis


D4.2 White paper of the themes, objectives, and participants in CS activities

White paper of the themes, objectives, and participants in CS activities.

D1.1–Framework Conceptual Model

Provides the foundation for developing the different methods of the project in conjunctions with WP2, WP3, and WP4. It will contain the scientific and methodological context for the project compiled through expert interviews and a rigorous survey of literature and projects and provides the project with metrics to support the analytic approaches, including a categorization of activities (WP2, WP3, and WP5) [M12] (WLW, RIAS, JYU)

D5.2 First publication of the e-magazine

First publication of the e-magazine. The first publication of the e-magazine is made at M13. As of this month, information will be periodically published based on the contents produced in the project and the community's interests expressed in the platform. [electronic resource, continuously updated]

D3.1 Specification of web-based analytics methods and tools

D3.1 Specification of web-based analytics methods and tools [end of M8] Result of T3.1 (a document)

D6.5 – Community of Interest support plan

Community of Interest support plan [Description of how the Community of Interest is being developed and supported in collaboration with WP5, target numbers and activities for period M15- M36)]

D7.1 Data management plan

"To be prepared as per EC guidelines, and adjusted/updated along the project as needed. See also ""A note on the participation in the Research Data Pilot"" at the end of section 3.1."

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Inclusion and exclusion in citizen science: A matter of context.

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CS-Track database: a central database of CS projects in Europe that can be key to understand the connection of CS and SDGs

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Citizen science, data science and education: how to support teacher’s inspiration during the learning activities design with technology enhance learning.

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Using Network Analysis to Characterize Participation and Interaction in a Citizen Science Online Community

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Does Volunteer Engagement Pay Off? An Analysis of User Participation in Online Citizen Science Projects

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Debatten über Ethik & wissenschaft-licheIntegrität in CitizenScience aus metaethischer Perspektive

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eveloping a framework for investigating citizen science through a combination of web analytics and social science methods—The CS Track perspective.

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How to automate the extraction and analysis of information for educational purposes

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