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Responsible Research and Innovation Ecosystems at Regional Scale for Intelligent Cities, Transport and Energy


The Regional Dilemma: report on how EU regions integrate RRI in Territorial R&I Landscape

A report presenting the current situation regarding RRI and societal engagement in territorial R&I in the 4 regions (NO, NL, ES, GR).

Report on the identification of emerging territorial trends, drivers & potential impacts

The report will present the identified constituting elements of future developments in all examined domains and the impacts they may produce thereafter.

RRI integration: 1st Good Practices Compendium

A collection of good practices depicting RRI integration into Territorial Development in its first edition.

Presentation of the promotional material’ kit

This report shows the promotional material linked to the project: logo, leaflets, letterheads, project ppts, social media accounts, promotional video, etc.

Procedures for the selection and constitution of the Advisory Board

A report that will outline the process of selecting the members of the Advisory Board, their composition, as well as their roles regarding the RRI2SCALE project.

1st Stakeholder engagement, dissemination, and communication strategy and plan

The first version of the document that will define the project stakeholder engagement, dissemination and communication strategy, objectives and action plan.

Large scale regional citizen surveys report

A report describing the methodology, process, outcomes, views and moral concerns of citizens in all four regions (NO, NL, ES, GR) about the current and future trajectories of the R&I ecosystem.

Techno-moral scenarios for territorial R&I futures in the domain of intelligent transport

The report will present two different/complementing scenarios of how a region’s future supporting developments in smart transport, the potential associated social, economic, environmental impacts, as well as societal concerns.

1st Policy Brief

First report on policy feedback to the European Commission.

Design and development of the RRI2SCALE project website

A web2.0 project web-portal presenting project scope, objectives, activities, news, results, library, access to social media, newsletter functionalities, etc.

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Techno-moral attitudes related to technological change and socio-economic outcomes: Survey data of 7,729 individuals in four European regions

Author(s): Katharina Fellnhofer, Anastasia Panori, Chiara Buongiovanni, Gabriella Quaranta, Thomas Bakratsas
Published in: OSF pre-print, 2022
Publisher: OSF pre-print

A gender gap? Public trust in regional policymaking and citizen demands for engagement

Author(s): Katharina Fellnhofer
Published in: OSF pre-print, 2022
Publisher: OSF pre-print
DOI: 10.31219/