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Responsible Research and Innovation Ecosystems at Regional Scale for Intelligent Cities, Transport and Energy

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A new regional method for smart cities

Successful regional research and innovation (R&I) policies are needed to bring forth sustainable and economic development with increased inclusiveness and improved quality of life (the Regional Dilemma). This represents a major challenging task for the EU regional authorities. A new methodological approach is needed that takes into consideration the trends in smart cities, transport and energy as fundamental guides for successful regional development. The EU-funded RRI2SCALE project has planned a method to support regional R&I systems to effectively meet the requirements of the Regional Dilemma. The project will identify the level of integration of responsible R&I (RRI) in four EU regions as well as the constituting elements of territorial R&I ecosystems, and promote dialogue to understand citizens' perceptions of the interaction between RRI and R&I.


EU territorial authorities are tasked with a significant, yet extremely challenging task: to develop and implement successful regional R&I policies that spearhead sustainable development and economic growth, while simultaneously advancing inclusiveness and quality of life (Regional Dilemma). RRI2SCALE has designed a robust methodological approach to assist regional R&I governance systems to effectively and sustainably address the Regional Dilemma. RRI2SCALE sets from the identification of how RRI is currently integrated within regions [Hordaland (NO), Overijssel (NL), Kriti (GR) and Galicia (ES)], what the key constituting elements of territorial R&I ecosystems are, what citizens think of the way RRI and R&I ecosystems interact and what their suggestions for future improvements are. This insight is triangulated with future trends on smart and intelligent cities, transport and energy as key drivers for regional sustainable development and growth (identified via Delphi), to result in techno-moral scenarios depicting potential R&I trajectories and consequent impacts on policy, socioeconomic and environmental level. The scenarios will be “tested” via JRC’s Scenario Exploration System and Regional Dialogues. Their outcomes will form the basis for the elaboration of Regional Agendas and Roadmaps that will describe the concrete steps to be taken towards the integration of RRI principles into territorial R&I design. All activities, outcomes and impacts will be closely monitored by the RRI2SCALE Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, which will include a set of customised indicators for mapping the impact pathways between regional innovation and RRI. All project results, together with a training compendium on how to perform the project activities, will form the RRI2SCALE Toolkit for replication by other territories. A Memorandum of Collaboration will be signed by all regions (participating/interested), to further the sustainability of the project’s outcomes.

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