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REsearch INfrastructures FOR Citizens in Europe


Citizen Engagement Plan

The plan will define a concrete set of activities on the field, and the corresponding mechanisms for monitoring and corrective action. The piloting plan will include a thorough description of the citizen empowerment and participatory engagement activities (WP7 and WP8).

Instruments and User Guide

This deliverable compiles all impact analysis tools and provides a user guide on the usage of these.

Project Handbook, Quality Plan & Risk Management

This document will include detailed criteria and rules for: i) the project management procedures, roles, and responsibilities, ii) the project baselines, iii) the quality planning, metrics and control, iv) the change management plan and process, v) the communication management plan, vi) the effort and cost management plan and vii) the innovation management plan. It will also include a risk management plan, analysing the potential scientific, implementation and administrative risks, their severity and the respective contingency plan. The latter part will be a live document that will be kept updated on a regular basis.

Ethics Handbook and Data Management Plan

This deliverable will be the outcome of the work of the Ethics Committee in Task 1.1 and will provide the procedures to be followed for the protection of the ethical rights of the users participating or providing real data during the school-based work. It will include a Data Management Plan which will describe the various types of data (scientific, social, assessment, third parties) in REINFORCE, the procedures followed to collect them and the measures that will be taken to ensure that no confidential information will be leaked. Furthermore, the storage, archiving and preservation plan of the data are also sketched, along with REINFORCE plan to comply with the Open Data Initiative. The main goals of REINFORCE Data Management Plan are to: i) Outline the types of data that have already been generated at the current stage of the project or foreseen to be generated at later stages, including the context and procedures of this generation, ii) Outline the protocols that are followed to assess the generated/collected data with respect to their sensitivity, iii) Outline the data acquisition plan, iv) Outline the measures and tools that are foreseen for the adequate management of the data from the ethical and security point of view and v) Outline the guidelines that are followed in the project with respect to the Open Data initiatives.

Citizen Science Demonstrator Template

It will include a series of recommendations to WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6 to follow during their development work that will follow, to make sure that their citizens science projects meet the RRI framework requirements.

Impact Assessment Design

This deliverable will outline the impact assessment design, aligning the theoretical background and the SWAFS and MoRRI indicators with the identified impact needs of the different demonstrators and WP’s. Outcome of this work will be a concise strategy that guides the impact assessment alongside the projects’ lifetime. This deliverable shall also serve as a framework beyond the projects needs but shall also be applicable for other Citizen Science projects.

Plan for the Communication and Dissemination of Results

Comprehensive plan outlining the REINFORCE’s dissemination and communication strategy, planning activities, including information on key events (content and location of conferences, workshops etc.) and measurements criteria. The plan will be updated at each reporting period.

Citizen Science Projects on GW

The projects that will be developed for use by the citizen scientists on citizen scientist platform that will be provided as described in T3.3.

CR Analysis Dataset

The dataset that will be identified, selected from Cosmic Ray (CR) Detectors and preprocessed according to T6.1.

GW Analysis dataset

The dataset that will be identified, selected from LIGO and Virgo data and preprocessed according to T3.1.

v Analysis dataset

The dataset that will be identified, selected from KM3NeT data and preprocessed according to T4.1.

GW Analysis tools

Citizen scientists’ and machine learning analysis tools will be developed as described in T3.2.

HEP Analysis dataset

The dataset that will be identified, selected from ATLAS detector data and preprocessed according to T5.1.

Searching for OpenAIRE data...


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