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Leading Towards Sustainable Gender Equality Plans in research performing organisations


D3.1 Gender equality training strategy

Gender equality training strategy. The strategy will include a common and coordinated terminology and methodology. Guidelines will be formulated in terms of design and interconnection of different subtopics required on the basis of specific partners’ needs.

D2.3 RPO's GA &GB Methodology Report

LeTSGEPs Gender Audit and Budgeting Methodology for Research Institutions

D6.5 International Stakeholders Workshops report 1

International Stakeholders Workshops report

D6.3 Local/National Stakeholders workshops reports Report 1

Local/National Stakeholders workshops reports Report

D6.7 Policy Brief 1

Policy Brief based on the activities carried out during the first reporting period.

D2.1 State of the art on GB Experiences Report

State of the art on GB Experiences Report:

D6.2 Storytelling Plan

It will contain: the narratives of the project, the key and relevant points around which communication activities will evolve, the means and the tools to be used to put in place the storytelling along the course of the project, a set of indicators to assess the efficacy of the selected storytelling in the midterm of LeTSGEPs.

D2.4 - Context and GA Analysis Report

Context and Gender Auditing Analysis Report

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Budgeting for gender equality in research performing organisations

Author(s): Addabbo, T.; Naciti, V.; Guido, Noto; Vermiglio, G.
Published in: Politica Economica, XXXVI:3(2020), 2020, Page(s) 417-437, ISSN 1120-9496
Publisher: Societa Editrice II Mulino
DOI: 10.1429/100371