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LymphoDrain: The definitive solution for chronic lymphedema

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A novel implantable device could help millions of people with chronic lymphedema

Blood is not the only fluid whose circulation is critical to our health. The lymphatic system is a complex system of fluid drainage and transport that also functions in immunity and disease resistance. Fluid forced out of the bloodstream is filtered by the lymph nodes and then transported back into the bloodstream via the lymph vessels. When lymph circulation becomes blocked, swelling or lymphedema occurs. It can require daily interventions including wrapping the arms or legs, massage, pneumatic compression, or wearing compression garments. LymphoDrain has developed an implantable subcutaneous device to re-establish lymphatic circulation. It bypasses the obstruction and facilitates continuous lymphatic drainage toward functioning lymph nodes. It could provide medical and financial relief for millions.


Lymphedema (LE) is a chronic disfunction of the lymphatic system causing fluid accumulation in the limbs, which affects more than 100 million patients worldwide. Its occurrence is closely related to cancer, being a very common side effect of cancer therapies, but can also arise from genetic disorders or due to injury, trauma, venous disorders, obesity, immobility,
etc. Despite recent advances, at present there is no cure for LE which becomes a chronic disorder. The disease must be treated constantly by the patient, to avoid complications, with daily use of compression garments, physiotherapy and skin care. Thus, it creates a constant disability for the patient and, more importantly, it affects his/her ability to work and to live a
normal life. In Europe, the financial impact of LE is valued at around €832 million in health and social welfare bills, with an additional €2.3 billion used to treat infections secondary to LE, as well as an additional €4.4 billion in loss of earnings as a result of productive incapacity of the patients. In addition, the prevalence of chronic LE is expected to grow as the life
expectancy increases and the global population ages. There is an urgent need for innovative approaches to restore continuous lymph flow drainage in affected tissues, producing a definitive solution for LE. Lymphatica´s subcutaneous implant, LymphoDrain, consists of a draining catheter and a micro-pump externally controlled by a wearable device, and replaces the function of lymphatic vessels. It is implanted via a minimally invasive procedure, and results in the resolution of the physiological impairments caused by LE reducing pain, the risk of potential complications and the need for additional treatments. Lymphatica´s goal is to convert LymphoDrain in the first definitive solution for LE patients and a clear solution for reducing the impact of LE on both the healthcare system and the economy of each country.

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