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A Digital Copy Of The Earth

Project description

High-fidelity digitisation of the world

Current digital maps of the world are in need of much higher accuracy and reliability in developing applications that need to approximate real conditions as closely as possible. The Nomoko project is based on digital maps developed from high-fidelity digital cameras and 3D unique software to make the physical world machine-readable and allow clients to build solutions based on reality. Nomoko adds to the 3D images large-scale information processed by its platform for immediate and accurate images of requested data. It works on a platform as a service (PaaS) model and shared revenues, and its models are useful across several sectors, particularly in smart city and urban planning industries.


Nomoko is a Swiss start-up whose solutions to automatically create “Artificial Reality” have received numerous public recognitions. It brings innovation to the digital mapping market, which, although expected to reach € 7.17 billion by 2025, is looking for alternatives to the current accuracy and reliability constraint of digital maps at a cost-effective price.
Based on a digital ultra-accurate 3D model of the Earth, Nomoko offers a platform with the best virtualization of the reality, dynamic interaction with the data and fully customizable scenarios for simulation that enables building digital solutions and products rooted in “reality”. The 3D model is created from an in-house developed ultra-accurate digital camera, the 3D software is a proprietary 3D modelling pipeline capable of processing petabytes of data and enhancing the models with intelligence, and the platform is a cloud-based engine turning the world from a static model to a dynamic one.
Nomoko’s business model follows a Platform as a Service (PaaS) strategy complemented by a shared revenues approach, differentiating itself from its competitors, whose solutions and business models are several steps behind (only PaaS, 3D model accuracy in the 1mm to 1cm range).
Technological and market assessment highlight that volumetric city-based 3D data and digital 3D models are a trend to follow. The photorealistic, ultra-accurate nature of Nomoko’s 3D environments provide the key building blocks for a variety of cross-industry products, especially for the Autonomous car, Gaming, Construction & Architecture and Smart Cities & Urban planning industries, contributing also to the creation of a new market for products built on real-world based 3D data.
Financial projections show promising net sales reaching 118 MM €, continuous increasing gross income over 95MM € by 2025.

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