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Integrated care for the elderly supported by ICT

The increasingly ageing population in Europe are highlighting challenges related to ensuring healthy ageing and independent living. The elderly need to be able to participate in their care and maintain their autonomy. The EU-funded VALUECARE project intends to deliver efficient outcome-based integrated care to the elderly who are suffering from cognitive impairment, frailty and multiple chronic health conditions. The principles of ‘value-based care’ will be applied. This approach will be supported by a robust, secure and scalable digital solution that will be tested and evaluated in seven large-scale pilots in Europe. The goal is to improve the quality of life of the elderly and their families, while also making European health and social care systems more sustainable.


Healthy ageing along with independent living have become key challenges for Europe as countries are experiencing growth in the number of older persons in their population. Several international organisations have stressed the importance of the independence, participation and autonomy of older people to remain healthy and, consequently, to ensure their quality of life. VALUECARE will deliver efficient outcome-based integrated (health and social) care to older people facing cognitive impairment, frailty and multiple chronic health conditions in order to improve their quality of life (and of their families) as well as the sustainability of the health and social care systems in Europe. It will also take into account the job satisfaction and the wellbeing of the health and social service providers, thus moving from the “Triple” to the “Quadruple Aim”. The project’s vision of integrated value-based care will be supported by a robust, secure and scalable digital solution that will be tested and evaluated in 7 large-scale pilots in Europe following a sound methodology developed by the project partners together with the end-users. VALUECARE proposes greater efficiency in the use of resources and coordination of care in a setting that ensures trust of users and policy makers about data access, protection and sharing and standardisation that can be replicated in EU. The consortium, made up of 17 partners from 8 EU countries, led by the Erasmus Medical Centre, has been built to guarantee the full coverage of the scientific, technological, clinical and social competencies, and to gather the viewpoint of different actors necessary to develop, test and evaluate the concepts, paradigms, protocols and interventions related to VALUECARE. The project’s multidisciplinary consortium includes stakeholders from the whole supply chain of the digital health and social care environment in order to maximize its chances of success.

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