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Novel methods of synchronous modulation for the medium-power and high-power converters


The main objective of the project is the development, dissemination, adaptation and implementation of novel alternative methods (methodology) of pulsewidth modulation (PWM) to perspective topologies of the medium-power and high-power electronic converters, which are an important control part of adjustable speed electric drives.

These new methods will allow providing:
a) Synchronization of the output voltage waveforms of the converters, with improvement of its spectral characteristics;
b) Increase of computational speed of control algorithms, and
c) Minimization of the common-mode voltages in systems to prevent bearing currents, and thus increasing the bearing reliability and the life span.

For the two-year duration of the project, the following major tasks will be completed:
(1) Dissemination of the method of direct synchronized PWM to three-level converters with a full set of voltage space vectors, to the neutral-point-clamped inverters with the four- and five-level output voltage, to cascaded converters, t o the six-phase induction motor drive systems;
(2) Detailed modeling and simulation of processes in systems with synchronized algorithms of PWM, and
(3) Design and implementation of modulators for adjustable speed electric drives with synchronized PWM, per forming of experimental verification of the most promising methods and techniques of PWM.

Academic impact of the investigation lies in further development and deepening of knowledge in theory of pulse modulation as an important part of science, engineering, and technology. Novel fast algorithms of PWM can be used by practical engineers working under design of electronic converters and drives.

The project has also a dual education component, because:
1) explanation of new methodology can be used in teaching courses in Elec.Engineering providing better understanding of processes of modulation in complicated systems of energy conversion, and
2) participation of young collaborators is planned in the project.

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