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Holistic Approach for Driver Role Integration and Automation Allocation for European Mobility Needs


Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation plan

This deliverable will describe the planned communication, dissemination and exploitation activities throughout the project. (WP 8.1)

Description of initial AD application descriptions

D.1.1 Description of initial AD application descriptions: This deliverable describes the initial application cases to start the functional analysis activities in WP 1.2-1.4 (VDI/VDE, M 6) (WP 1.1)

Project marketing basics and webpage

D8.1 Project marketing basics and webpage (IESTA, M3) The project webpage will be designed, maintained and updated on a regular basis. The webpage will show the project specific logo, act as a contact point for interested third parties, provide a brief project summary and project information, provide company profiles of each project partner and a link to the company website, inform the public about ongoing R&D activities and host public project deliverables as well as publications for the general public (e.g. newsletters). (WP 8.1)

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