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Making wind and solar renewables attractive for investors by boosting operational predictability and ROI

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Predictability boost for renewable industry

Plant owners in the renewable industry are facing a critical economic transformation. The general trend of the market is to abandon fixed tariffs for prices dictated by market needs. The industry is also facing additional losses due to inefficiencies in production. The need for effective revenue optimisation procedures is crucial. The EU-funded TruePower project is a platform that will offer plant owners the possibility to increase operability and income. TruePower clusters and analyses raw data, identifying the slightest wind speed or sunlight, and integrates a constant stream of raw data with meteorological and market data. This intelligent wind and solar asset management platform already has 17 customers and rising prospects.


With renewable industry moving away from fixed tariffs to market-driven pricing, plant owners are under pressure to generate revenue through various market mechanisms. At the same time, they facing various operational inefficiencies leading to lost revenue up to 10-15%.
TruePower is an intelligent wind and solar asset management platform that helps renewable plant owners increase their overall revenues through improved operational efficiency and intelligent revenue strategies. TruePower collects and analyses plant raw high-resolution data (at seconds intervals) recognising even minor wind speed or sun irradiation changes allowing to identify granular optimisation opportunities which state-of-the-art tools available today are not able to deliver, working with aggregated data at 10-60 min intervals.
In addition, TruePower combines continuous stream of raw asset data at an aggregated wind or solar park level with the meteorological and market data and offers actionable insights on revenue generation strategies, enabled by our proprietary machine-learning algorithms. Such revenue optimisation mechanisms are a necessary attribute of successful growth of the renewables market. In the long run, that means renewable energy can be predictable, profitable and therefore ubiquitous, helping to minimise the impact of CO2 on our planet.
We are working on the development of predictive models and aggregation of plants into large portfolios in order to allow for improved dispatching schemes of available power and energy to the power market in the most efficient way. Such ‘simulation box’ module that will enable asset owners to adjust plant power production in real-time depending on the market need. WinJi developed and introduced TruePower to the European market in 2017. Today, we have 17 customers, and over 45 prospects.

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