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Smart Nursing Bra

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A wearable device to boost breastfeeding rates

While breastfeeding is natural, it is not always easy. An estimated 80 % of mothers and babies experience difficulties with breastfeeding. More than 60 % of mothers quit breastfeeding within the first four weeks after the baby’s birth due to a perceived insufficient milk supply. The EU-funded Presque project aims to reverse this trend with the world’s first smart nursing bra with novel bio-sensors, fluid delivery systems and machine learning to benefit the physical and mental health of mothers and babies. The smart bra permits the dual functions of direct breastfeeding and supplementing without interrupting natural breastfeeding or competing with mother’s milk. It also enables the collection of valuable frontline health data to monitor and improve outcomes.


The proposed project develops a novel wearable device to improve both breastfeeding rates and the detection and monitoring of lactation performance. Lactation is beneficial to mother’s and baby’s long-term health. Women often discontinue breastfeeding due to lactation failure. A Presque Smart Nursing Bra is a product which supports the natural milk lactation cycle, monitors breast milk flow, and delivers supplemental milk while breastfeeding.
The Presque supports the natural lactation cycle by: (1) helping offset any natural milk deficiencies with the on-board supply of either pre-expressed or donated breast milk, or formulated milk for delivery as needed, (2) requiring the engagement of the mother’s nipple by the baby for dispensing supplementary milk, thus stimulating natural milk production, (3) mediating the concerns of the nursing mother by measuring her breast milk amount and milk flow ensuring the mother that her baby is fully nourished, encouraging her self-confidence.
Currently, there are no existing products that combine the functionalities and form factor of the Presque. Namely, there are no wearable products that measure in situ breast milk supply and at the same time deliver supplement while the baby is nursing.
The device is protected by 4 issued patents, 10 pending and more in the pipeline. The Presque system is designed for patentability with a multi-tiered IP strategy to protect the system, the product, components and consumable parts, and their fabrication.
The device wearability, ease of use, discreet design, and automated analysis of breast milk data will significantly increase the rate and duration of breastfeeding. This will help decrease the long-term health care burden globally. Moreover, Presque platform proposed in this project will create a new market of smart nursing devices.

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