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Vertical Sky, the next generation wind turbine for sustainable, silent and decentralized energy production.

Project description

First silent wind turbine technology for local power generation

Wind power generation has experienced growth over the last few years. Although currently used for centralised power generation, this technology has great potential to be employed as a distributed source. With EU funding of the Vertical Sky project, Agile Wind Power is developing the first large-scale vertical-axis wind turbine for use in distributed applications. Its core innovation is a continuous and self-optimising adjustment of the rotor blades – a real-time rotor blade pitch control. As a result, the rotational speed is kept low, resulting in a threefold lower noise. Its simplified logistics for transportation and installation, and environmental compatibility with birds and bats allows closer location to populated areas or difficult-to-access areas.


Global population’s growth is set to increase to 9.8 B people by 2050 . This raises concerns regarding the energy demand as more and more energy and food will be needed. Energy production currently mainly relies on fossil sources, which will soon be depleted and seriously threaten the environment. Sustainable wind energy production represents a valid potential alternative, but is still either centralised or inefficient, thus not providing energy with a desirable continuity and capacity. This causes waste of resources and considerable risks of shut downs. Moreover, the loudness and death of birds and bats on the blades causes a lower integration of these solutions.
AWP introduces Vertical Sky, the only vertical axis wind turbine for distributed and sustainable energy production. Thanks to the unique and proprietary pitch angle control system, Vertical Sky provides 3-fold noise reduction, 90% bird and bats death reduction, 25% easier transportation and 15% easier installation. This, along with the improved efficiency (0.47 comparable to large turbines) and power range (0.75-1.5MW) makes Vertical Sky the perfect solution for sustainable and decentralised energy production close to residential areas. AWP enables energy self-production makes energy available for anyone, anywhere. During the phase 1 feasibility study,AWP will establish a sound go-to-market strategy and supply chain, and will draft further development plans. During the second phase of the innovation project, AWP will perform engineering optimisation activities and validate the commercial potential in a pilot trial at a partner's facility before introducing the technology on the market.

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