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Expanding Key Opportunities in FOrest Investments: Liquidity, Impact and Ownership through Blockchain

Project description

Small tokens give big boost to forest investments

The EU has close to 182 million hectares of forests covering 43 % of its land area. These forest areas are one of Europe's most important renewable resources. In terms of investment, forestry is a strong performer, offering attractive returns and protection against inflation. The EU-funded EKOFOLIO project is designing a new platform that divides large forests into small tradable tokens so that small and medium investors can purchase shares from as little as EUR 50 per token. To introduce the aspect of liquidity in forestry investment, selling and sharing the tokens before the trees mature is an option. The project expects to cover nearly 100 000 hectares of forest assets under a sustainable forest investment programme by 2024.


Investment into forestry is increasingly being recognised as a stable form of investment that offers guaranteed returns that are not dependent on the state of the economy. Returns from forestry are dependent solely on the growth and quality of the trees thus investors are shielded from economic factors such as inflation. However, the high initial investment capital required, lengthy asset maturity period of between 25 to 60 years and difficulty in converted the forest investment to cash prior to maturity, results in the forestry investment sector being dominated by large organisations and wealthy individuals. Small to medium investors are largely excluded from investment into forestry. Ekofolio is a FinTech company whose goal is to make forestry investment available to a wide variety of investors including the marginalised small and medium investors. Ekofolio is proposing a novel platform in which large forests are divided into small tradable tokens which allow small to medium investors purchasing shares in forests from as little as €50 per token. The token owner can either hold onto or sell the shares long before the trees mature thus introducing the aspect of liquidity which is currently lacking in forestry investment. We are targeting a wide spectrum of investors from small/medium and retail to large institutional and wealthy investors. We expect to reach a turnover of €52 million, with a Return on Investment (ROI) in excess of 10Xper Euro invested by 2024. Through this project, we will create more than 30 jobs within the forestry, Investments and Blockchain industries in addition to to the social benefits associated with the conservation of global natural forests through our sustainable forest investment program. Our forestry creation and management will cover nearly 100 thousand hectares of forest assets under management, enabling the sequestration of more than around 57 million tons of CO2 emissions by 2024.

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