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Commercial appliance for an on-demand & custom reduction of alcohol in wine

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - WineALaCarte (Commercial appliance for an on-demand & custom reduction of alcohol in wine)

Reporting period: 2019-08-01 to 2019-11-30

Over the last two years interest in low/non-alcoholic drinks has grown across the world. Non and low alcohol is one of the fastest growing segments in the food and beverage industry. The rise in mindful drinking, along with health and wellness, is a trend that is here to stay.
Did the wine industry have a solution for this type of demand? No, it didn’t exist an optimal solution for dealcoholized wines. With Alacarte machine, wine is dealcoholized just before consumption maintaining the organoleptic properties and taste of the wine. In minutes, anyone can enjoy a wine that has been reduced to the desired % of ABV while keeping its essence. Less alcohol, less calories, and great wine!
Is it possible to use our technology to reduce the alcohol level of any alcoholic beverage? We will see!

The purpose of this Feasibility Study is to provide the necessary information to ensure the successful development and commercialization of our wine dealcoholisation machine. This study focuses on (a) performing a market analysis of our first target markets, (b) validate our technology by receiving customer’s feedback, (c) determine the technical specifications of the machine to successfully meet customer needs, (d) develop a commercialization roadmap and update our Business Plan.
We started at the end of 2016 with the idea and the development of the concept, creating a prototype design and constituting Alacarte Ventures. On the second semester 2017, we were able to build the first prototype of the machine in a laboratory, to test the quality and the performance of the technology. One year later, we created the second prototype improving the quality of the machine and doing a speed validation with sommeliers.
Finally, during the second semester 2019 and until now, we have been implementing the SME Instrument phase 1 with a Beta prototype unit, roadshow demonstration and PCT patent submission. During this first phase, we have been able to test the prototype of the machine with wine experts, restaurants & hotels, and final consumers. Thanks to the feedback obtained, we have verified the need for a solution for dealcoholized wines, we have validated our technology, and we have new improvements to implement before industrialization.

With this information we have developed the feasibility study. This has involved several tasks:
• Task 1: Market analysis
o Verify the need and the benefits of the solution.
o Assess market opportunity and identify our target customers.
• Task 2: Technology validation
o Build and install our machines in several hotels and restaurants.
o Obtain customer’s feedback.
• Task 3: Product specifications
o Define appropriate technical specification of our machine.
• Task 4: Commercialization roadmap and updated Business Plan
o Define future milestones for our commercialization strategy.
o Update our Business Plan according to our new objectives and challenges.

Vitally, we have been able to understand market trends and consumers and we have verified the existence of the lack of a solution for wine dealcoholisation. Feedback obtained with the prototype demonstration has confirmed the interest in Alacarte's machine, and has identified improvements that are needed to be implemented. Thanks to the use of the machine in celebrated restaurant and hotel venues, Alacarte Ventures is winning a name. We have appeared in several media channels: Expansión, Vinetur , Yahoo and we have had the opportunity to present Alacarte at Harvard University together with David Forer, Master of Wine, along with the presence of José Andrés, a renowned international chef.

The aim of the project has been to identify a clear route to market. We now have a clear technological development roadmap as well as the business, regulatory and reimbursement strategy defined. We now plan to implement this strategy.
Alcohol consumption in Europe is widespread and so are its harmful effects.

With Alacarte Ventures we want to break this. We want to offer a solution for all those consumers who wish for a healthier life. We want to offer wine consumption to those who don’t usually drink because of health issues, beliefs and alcohol consequences and for all those trying to drink less.

With Alacarte technology we have the objective of reducing the desired % ABV of any alcoholic beverage, giving the power to choose to the consumer.