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Commercial appliance for an on-demand & custom reduction of alcohol in wine


Europe remains the heaviest drinking region in the world, with alcohol responsible for approximately 195,000 deaths each
year in the EU as a result of cancer, liver, cirrhosis, road traffic and other accidents.
Wine producers have been experimenting with low and non-alcoholic wine, but certain challenges are holding such products
back from wide uptake by consumers:
- Quality: Current approaches of wine dealcoholisation such as Reverse Osmosis and Vacuum Distillation negatively affect
the key attributes of the wine and its quality.
- Cost and Energy: Such approaches are expensive and require a large setup, making it only applicable for producers in an
industrial setting, and in huge quantities.
- Actors further down the value chain, such as restaurants and bars, have direct access to consumers yet are limited to what
producers and distributors provide.
Our start-up, Alacarte Ventures, has created an appliance that reduces the alcohol content of wine while keeping its taste,
smell and original properties intact. It is the first product of its kind, and is small, fast and easy enough to use for restaurants,
bars and hotels to provide an on-demand service for their guests.
Our low and non-alcoholic wine will help prevent health problems caused or worsened by alcohol, as well as lower the
calories to fit a consumer’s preferred diet. Producers are excited about our product, as well, as it allows consumers to enjoy
reduced alcohol wine with the quality that the winemaker intended and done so at the point of sale using what they already
We have already achieved validation from globally recognised sommeliers with a combined range of experience at several
restaurants of Michelin fame, such as El Bulli and El Celler de Can Roca.
Just 2% market share of our Total Addressable Market can lead to over 25m € in revenue. Counting investment, we estimate
cumulative ROI of over 27m € by 2025, resulting in an IRR of 41%.

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