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Making Earth Green Again with Liquid Nano Clay


We urgently need to fight desertification by restoring areas of the world historically bread baskets suffering from erosion, harvests lost and poor water quality. Farmers and government authorities desperately need a fast-acting sustainable land management solutions to protect over 1 billion livelihoods.

Until now this has proven incredibly challenging as available technology and methods require years to get arid soils strong enough to retain water.

Desert Control can convert arid lands into fertile soils in a matter of hours with a patented mixing process to create Liquid NanoClay (LNC). This clay and water compound is sprayed onto sandy soils, quickly penetrating them at depths of 60 cm and enabling them to retain water and nutrients and host plant boosting fungi creating conditions for fertile land.

Our first demonstrations with farmers in the UAE, the Agricultural Research Centre in Egypt, Ministry of Interior in Abu Dubai and the Sinai Governorate have successfully shown that LNC treatment can reduce the need for irrigation by up to 77% and increase soil fertility up to 40% leading to 416% higher yields.

After the success of our first demonstration, we got the attention of large-reaching organizations such as BBC and the World Wildlife Foundation WWF who has identified us as a world Climate Solver Transforming arid lands will help mitigate climate change by reducing land’s surface temperature to 15°C, with just 1% of the planet’s arid land treated with LNC, these spaces could absorb 26 million tonnes of CO2 a year! To make LNC available for the people who need it, the agricultural sector, desert return projects and commercial and private greenery and provide unquantifiable benefits to society and the natural environment we need €2.5M to redesign our existing prototype for a transportable, commercial mixer. These units will be licensed all over the world to create endless amounts of LNC on-site.

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