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Making Building Systems Simple

Project description

New technology keeps building management in check

Maintaining buildings has become a big challenge for public and private owners as building management is inefficient, costly and decentralised. What is more, isolated systems used to protect from fire and offer security, lack centralised management. The EU-funded SUD project will develop a device that offers reliable, more effective and low-cost building management. It connects building systems through the installation of sensors, switches and IoT instruments. It integrates all devices under a unique dashboard facilitating building management. The device augments productivity, limits energy consumption and reduces maintenance costs. SUD is proposed as a 'best value' solution offering unmatched service with low-cost and easy implementation.


Today, we spend more than 90% of our time inside a building (living, working, leisure), and the systems required to manage/control a building, are inefficient, expensive, and decentralised. Efficient building management is becoming not only more important, but also a more complex challenge as buildings standards increase with added technology. Organizations use multiple isolated systems to maintain and control their buildings, from fire and security alarms to access control, ventilation/AC and energy conservation systems) but currently are not efficiently nor centrally managed.
In response to this challenge we develop SUD (Stillemans Univeral Dock), a system designed integrate and group any number of building systems in which different sensors, switches and other IOT devices exist controlled interactively through the Stillemans application (SAPP) and SDK. Using SUD, buildings can significantly be better managed as it integrates every IoT devices present under a single dashboard for smart decision making.
This in turn will increase productivity, reduce energy consumption (as lights, heating and air conditioning can be started or stopped depending on determined parameters) and cut overall maintenance costs. SUD is a “best value” investment in building systems as it allows to manage building systems with unmatched depth while delivering a low-cost and easy implementation.
We are a family owned company, founded by Joseph STILLEMANS in 1928. Currently, the company operates worldwide, and it is in the path of growth with 25% y-o-y growth since 2012. Based on our Initial business plan a business opportunity of more than 100,000 installed-devices arising for Stillemans.

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€ 50 000,00
1731 ASSE

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